A Christmas Candle for Eleanor: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #13

Spending her life in an orphanage has been unpleasant at best. Despite the cruelty of the headmistress and other staff, Eleanor is surprised when she and her twin sister are sent off in response to mail-order bride solicitations. Sent to different towns, with no way of contacting each other, Eleanor doesn’t know how she’ll find [...]

A Christmas Tree for Trudel: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #12

Rancher Gibson Bainbridge travels to Pine Knot to investigate how his younger brother was swindled out of his mining claim. He finds the suspect, businessman Bernard Heinrik, at a poker table and squares off opposite him. Gib goads the man into betting big, staking the mining claim and then ends up with the winning hand [...]

A Christmas Home for Hannah: Mail Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #10

All of her life, she's only wanted to be wanted. He just wants to inherit a legacy. When Hannah Gallagher's mother dies giving birth to her, her no-good father leaves her with her mother's parents. They didn't have much, but they loved each other. When her grandmother passes suddenly, her grandfather forces her to respond [...]

A Christmas Carol for Catherine: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #9

When Catherine Lee finds herself widowed and on the verge of losing her home, she quickly agrees to become a mail-order bride. She can withstand another loveless marriage so long as she has a place to live and food to eat. However, just before she arrives in Grover's Gulch, Colorado to be married, she discovers [...]

A Christmas Wreath for Whitney: Mail Order Brides’ First Christmas #8

Whitney Smith always knew her aunt and uncle didn’t love her. It’s no surprise when she learns they sold her to Sheldon Walker to pay off their gambling debts. Adventure tells her to answer an ad from a sheriff in Montana looking for a wife in time for Christmas. Desperation tells her to steal the [...]

A Christmas Wish for Clara: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #7

Clara Gibbs has wanted nothing more than a husband and family her whole life, but not one bachelor in Norcross Georgia had ever shown any interest in her until now. She had spent most of her youth taking care of her ailing father, only to find out upon his death that he was the very [...]

A Christmas Comfort for Elsie: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #6

Orphaned in a basket with her twin sister, Elsie has grown up scrubbing and cleaning the orphanage in exchange for room and board. Her eighteenth birthday comes with the shocking announcement that she has a husband waiting and she must board the train at once to go meet him. The headmistress insists on sending the [...]

A Christmas Kiss for Kate: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #5

From Chicago's crowded slums to the bright Wyoming prairie... Tortured with guilt over his first wife’s death, Chase Mayer closed his heart, leaving only a little room for his daughter Pearl. But Pearl is growing up, and even though Chase can’t imagine marrying for love, he knows Pearl needs a mother — even if it [...]

A Christmas Hope for Regina: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #4

Secrets and scars gave him a stony heart. All she has left is hope. And Christmas is on the way. Regina had answered the letter and left her home in Missouri to make her way to the mountains of Colorado. That was in April. She’d come full of hope with the expectation of starting a [...]

A Christmas Card for Krista: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #3

When Krista Franklin boards a stagecoach in St. Joseph, Missouri, she has no idea her whole life will change in the next two weeks. Acting as a companion for her sister, Krista finds herself falling in love with one of their fellow travelers. But if she follows the desires of her heart, the action could [...]

A Christmas Child for Callie: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #2

An Impossible Dream A childhood injury left her with a limp and, the doctor told her, the inability to have children. But Callie yearned to be a mother. Calliope Perkins has been told she can never have children but does that really mean she cannot be a mother? Jacob Becker’s wife died giving birth. No [...]

A Christmas Coat for Abigail: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #1

Miss Abigail Baraquin became a Mail-Order Bride to escape the threat of life in a bordello. After such a delightful exchange of letters, she never expected her prospective husband to be a drunken liar, nor did she expect a total stranger to step in and marry her. Mr. David Ferguson was the black sheep of [...]

Have you been to South Africa? Or is it on your list of places to visit?

I have to admit that South Africa wasn't really in my top places I wanted to visit. Don't get me wrong, it was on the list, but it wasn't high. Top 10, maybe. After writing One & Only through where my characters go on a 13 day safari, however, I can safely say it's in [...]