Meet Angela

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! So who am I? Well, it’s quite simple actually. Of course, first and foremost, I’m a wife and mother. However, along with those two hats, I’m also a history-lovin’ author who writes in her fuzzy pants and loves her horses and her cats!

My stories have a pinch of sweetness, a dash of spice, and a dollop of history.

Love historical romance? Well, then strap on those petticoats, travel back in time, and go on adventures with strong women who feared nothing and fought for their happy endings while most of the time not following what was socially acceptable for women.

Not feeling historical today? I have one Contemporary Romance set on the beautiful island of Bora Bora, and what has been called a charming, witty, read that comes alive in your hands!

I love hearing from readers, so if you have a question or just want to chat, visit the contact page and send me an email.

Happy Reading!