Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Fifty: “It’s Just Like Riding a Bike”

Original Airdate: April 24, 2007

Lorelai needs help shopping for a new car. Enter Luke. Paris decides that having a boyfriend complicates her grad-school decision. Exit Doyle.

Lorelai is finally back at Lukes! After nine or ten months—or as Kirk pointed out since May 22, 2006—she’s finally back and although she wants to be, the first time on a stool is rather awkward. Let’s just hope they can get back to their groove and back to how things used to be. I want to know where she’s been eating the last several months. Has she been cooking at home? Doubtful. So, does that mean she’s been eating at the inn every day? Not a single episode has touched on it other than a few times she’s been to Westons. But they don’t really serve a fill menu. Not to mention, I’ve seen a genuine lack of coffee addiction from her this season. I think it’s thanks to the new writers.

At least by the end of the episode they are back to normal . . . even if we had to through the stupid scenes of them looking at the cars and fighting about it. Bleh.

Moving on . . .

Oh boy. Paris has a decision to make. Yale Law School, Harvard Medical School, John’s Hopkins, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Stanford law school, and Columbia Medical just to name a few. I would say that would make the choice hard. I couldn’t imagine.


Funny Quotes:

LORELAI: Yeah, that sounds good. Hey, so I went into Luke’s this morning.
SOOKIE: What? Why didn’t you cut me off? It’s not like the kids have bubonic plague. How did it go?
LORELAI: It was awful.
LORELAI: Yeah everybody was staring at us.
SOOKIE: Oh, I’m sure they weren’t.
LORELAI: Sookie.
SOOKIE: Yeah, they were staring.

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