“A riveting read! Kept me turning pages!”

“A riveting read! Kept me turning pages!”

FOR A LIMITED TIME, PREORDER FOR ONLY $.99! AMAZON "It is observed that in any great endeavor, it is not enough for a person to depend solely on himself." ~ Lakota Proverb Several men have claimed responsibility for killing Custer, but what if it wasn’t a man? What if it was a woman? They called [...]


May Annoucements

Wow. May. Where in the world did May come from? Like seriously? I knew I was coming. I mean, I just sent you a Happy April newsletter. But still May? Already? At least one happy note about it being May is that my birthday is in a few short days. I will be 41, and [...]

Writing Historical Novels, Part Eight: Rules – Personal Beliefs and Authenticity #historicalromance #romance

When I first became obsessed with Outlander, I went online to read some of the reviews on the books. Why, I don't know, but curiosity always drives me. Perhaps, it's because I like to see that no matter how much of a blockbuster a book is, it will still have a broad range of reviews [...]