Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, Bon Voyage

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Fifty-Three: “Bon Voyage”

Original Airdate: May 15, 2007

An exciting job offer for Rory and a beneficent gesture from Luke add up to a big surprise party, where every Stars Hollow friend, neighbor, and eccentric exuberantly celebrates the Gilmore Girls

Whenever I watch the series I always feel weird at the end. Like the whole show is all over again and it makes me sad. It doesn’t matter that I can just pop in my DVDs or turn on Netflix and watch them all over again. I still get sad. I think some of it stems from the fact that I know one day my kids are going to leave and although I want them to go out in the world and have amazing lives, I know I will worry about them every day.

And of course the final scene that comes in full circle of the ending of the first episode.

There’s really not much I can say about this episode other than I hate that it’s over. Now, on to the revival episodes . . .

Funny Quotes:

KIRK: Rory, in my official capacity as town sash presenter, I would like to present you with this sash, which I also happened to make in my official capacity as town sash maker.
RORY: Well, thank you.
KIRK: Kneel before me. [Rory looks concerned] All right, could you at least bow your head a little bit?
LORELAI: Wow. That’s quite a sash.
KIRK: I got the material from one of mother’s nighties.

EMILY: Now it’s expensive, but your father and I have discussed it, and we are willing to loan you the money.
LORELAI: Oh, mother.
EMILY: Standard terms, no interest.
LORELAI: Mom, why do you want to loan me money?
EMILY: All it would require is the three of us sit down and hash out the details. Obviously we want to get together with you from time to time to see how things are progressing, but we wouldn’t become pests about it.
LORELAI: Mom, why don’t we just talk about it Friday night at dinner?
EMILY: Oh, so our Friday-night dinners are going to continue, then?
LORELAI: Well, we might as well. I’ve kind of gotten used to it.
EMILY: All right. That sounds fine. But don’t be late and don’t wear jeans.
LORELAI: When have I ever worn jeans to dinner?
EMILY: Well I don’t know, it could very well be Rory who enforces the dress code. I’m just saying I don’t think that jeans are appropriate.
LORELAI: Fine, spandex and a tube top it is.

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