Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, A House is not a Home

Season Five

Episode One Hundred Nine: “A House is Not a Home”

Original Airdate: May 17, 2005

The Kims face trouble and everyones pulls together. The Gilmores face trouble and everything falls apart. At school years end, Rory makes a decisions that leaves Lorelai stunned and grieving.

First off, I’d never realized that Rory’s court date was the same as Lorelai’s first planned wedding with Luke—June 3rd. I wonder why that date was so important to the writers.

I still will never know why Rory told Lorelai about what Mitchum did, but she never told her grandparents. I mean, the whole first quarter, if not almost half, of season six could have been eliminated if she’d just told them. Or if they would have asked after Lorelai told them what happened. But nope, no one asked, no one said anything. I guess the reason why is for the drama of the plot, but still. It’s annoying at times.

With that, I will also say, I’m glad Logan called Lorelai’s house. Otherwise he would have never found out about what his dad did to Rory. Sometimes the fact that people don’t tell each other things in this show drives me nuts.

Moving on . . .

Ya gotta love Mrs. Kim sometimes. Sure she hated Lane playing in a band and living with boys, but when push comes to shove, she’d do anything to see that Lane goes after what she wants. Sometimes I wonder if she didn’t act the way she does just to push Lane into following her dreams. Like she was testing her somehow. She may have acted like she was unhappy about it, but in reality she was happy and dang proud. And I love her quote:

MRS. KIM: I need to see your songs.
ZACH: Why?
MRS. KIM: To see if you need to make any adjustments. Lyrics must be clean.
ZACH: Okay, that’s where we draw the line. We will not change our lyrics.
MRS. KIM: Oh, please. Prince made fifty-seven million take home last year. He didn’t swear, and he mentioned God. Catch up. Okay, last problem. Transportation.

One last thing, WHY THE HECK did Richard and Emily not believe Lorelai about the Huntzbergers?

Oh, and you gotta love Finn and Collin in this scene. Enjoy!

Funny Quotes:

MRS. KIM: All right. [They sit.] Tell me something.
LANE: It looks like the band may be breaking up. We’ve hit a rut. We can’t get enough gigs to get any momentum, and, I don’t know. It’s just not working.
MRS. KIM: I see.
LANE: I think I may need to move back home. I realize that if you allow me to do that, then I will have to abide by any rules you feel necessary. I also anticipate the words ‘Seventh Day Adventist college’ will come up, so I’ll go shopping for some Peter Pan collared shirts tomorrow.
MRS. KIM: No more band?
LANE: No more band.
MRS. KIM: You are not the daughter I raised!
LANE: What?
MRS. KIM [standing]: Kims don’t give up!

[Richard and Emily have a quiet breakfast. They read the paper. Emily looks up.]
EMILY: I have a lunch with Sunny Kingsman today. And then I have to stop by the club at four. Some of the girls are having an impromptu birthday cocktail with Melly Rutkers. Though the last thing Melly needs is another excuse for a midday cocktail. [Richard continues to read silently.] I can stop by the cleaners on my way home if you want to have something pressed for your trip this weekend.
RICHARD: Uh-huh.
EMILY [realizing he’s not listening]: And then after the cleaners I thought I’d run off with Marshall, the golf instructor at the club. Do you think you could manage to get your own dinner tonight?
RICHARD: That’ll be fine, Emily.
[Emily rolls her eyes. The doorbell rings.]
EMILY: I wonder who that could be, first thing in the morning?
RICHARD: Perhaps it’s Marshall, the golf instructor, unable to wait until after Melly’s party to have you. I know I couldn’t.
EMILY: You do surprise me, Richard Gilmore.

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