Gilmore Girls Project: Season Six, New and Improved Lorelai

Season Six

Episode One Hundred Ten: “New and Improved Lorelai”

Original Airdate: September 13, 2005

What’s the very best thing for a broken heart? An engagement! With the Gilmore girls not talking (who would have thought!) Luke provides despondent Lorelai with a much-needed happiness boost.

Way to start the new season off wit a bang! By the way, I used to LOVE Zima. They came out with it two years ago again and I bought it every week. Sadly, they haven’t brought it back again. I don’t know why. Perhaps it didn’t do well? I wish I would have bought more and stored it. I read that it sold out and did better than the company thought it would. I wonder why they don’t bring it back fully. Do they not like making money?

But back to the point!

Sometimes I think it would be fun to be Rory. To have rich grandparents just give you everything you want when you want it. And then to have a rich boyfriend who pays for everything and has everything himself. Like when they decide to just spend a month touring around China because they have zero responsibility and have all the money to do so.

I will say that I was happy with how Lorelai handled it. Just walking away is the perfect thing. If she would have pushed, it would have backfired.

Funny Quotes:

TAYLOR: (throws the trophy at him also) Here! Third? (throws the trophy to a random biker)
RANDOM BIKER: I wasn’t third?
TAYLOR: Rat’s toushy, party of one.

LUKE: where are you going?
LORELAI: I know the perfect toasting place.
LUKE: Is it far?
LORELAI: Which one of us is not getting into the romantic spirit?
LUKE: The one with the case full of chick beer under his arm.

BABETTE: OH! so the proposal was spontaneous, huh?
PATTY: Oh the spontaneous proposals are the best, you know.
BABETTE: Yeah! Morey proposed to me spontaneously. (to Luke) Did I ever tell you the story?
LUKE: Um..No!
BABETTE: It was a brisk fall night, and Morey was on top (Luke reacts), no…wait, I was on top
LUKE: (wierded out) What?
BABETTE: Hold on! Stony Morrison was on top
LUKE: Babette!
BABETTE: We were playing Twister! Did I not mention that?

(CUT to pool house. Rory is sleeping. Emily and a maid come in the room)
EMILY: (very brightly) Good morning! You’re still sleeping? My goodness, you’re young! These are the good days (Emily opens the curtains)! There is plenty of time to sleep when you’ve gone up a couple of dress sizes.

KIRK: Good. Actually I have a lot of sympathy for what you’re going through.
LUKE: What are you talking about, Kirk?
KIRK: Well, Lorelai proposing to you like that. Stealing your thunder. It’s gotta be embarrassing and a little upsetting. Now you’ll never have that moment. You don’t get to be the romantic one, the one to sweep her off her feet. That’s gotta hurt.
LUKE: I’m fine Kirk.
KIRK: Well, sure! What else are you going to say? You know I’ve been getting pretty close to proposing to Lulu myself. And when I heard what happened to you, it really freaked me out. I mean if Lorelai can just spring it on you like that, what’s to stop Lulu from springing it on me?
LUKE: Your creepy friendships with really old women might do the trick.

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