Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, You Jump, I Jump, Jack

Season Five

Episode Ninety-Four: “You Jump, I Jump, Jack”

Original Airdate: November 2, 2004

On an overnight adventure with Logan and the Life and Death Brigade, Rory attempts a life-or-death stunt. Luke faces an even more terrifying ordeal: bonding with Emily and Richard.

Ah yes, finally we hit the episode where Logan suddenly goes from a side character to a main character. Yay!

And of course, he utters one fabulous line that I think I’ve actually used in my own life.

Isn’t this the point of being young? It’s your choice, Ace. People can live a hundred years without really living for a minute. You climb up here with me, it’s one less minute you haven’t lived.

I think perhaps that was always why I like Logan. He was the one who lived. Of course, he also had the money to live. He didn’t have to work three jobs just to sleep on his best friends couch . . . cough cough Dean . . . or the one who was living in a one-bedroom apartment with a mattress on the floor . . . cough cough Jess . . .

Logan had zero responsibilities. At least he did when we met him and even throughout most of seasons five and six. And I have to admit that it wasn’t a good quality in him sometimes. I suppose some of season seven too, he has his moments, however, he does get his act together, and by the revival . . . he’s just like his dad, a business powerhouse.

I will say . . . what a camping excursion! That would be awesome. I would have loved to do that in my 20s.

Man, Emily can be a witch with a B sometimes. Like what is up with her treating Luke so terribly. Ugh. It just made me want to cringe. She was absolutely horrible the whole night and for no reason. At least Richard was nice to him, even if he tried to change his whole life and business. And holy moly those golf clubs at the club like that must have cost Luke a small fortune. Surely, Richard should have known this, and seeing that Luke could pay for them should have been a good sign.

And lastly, Lane and Zack are dating! Is it just me or does it kind of seem like she likes him more than he likes her? At least at first?

So what did you think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

ZACH: Wait, hold on. (To Lane.) Shouldn’t we leave your room empty?
LANE: Why?
ZACH: You know, in case the date goes good?
LANE: Brian, go in my room.
BRIAN: Thanks! (Runs in.) Man, it smells good in here.

RORY: I smell trees.
LOGAN: Oh, nothing gets past you. (Grabs a lantern and leads Rory into the woods.)
RORY: So the firing squad is just up ahead?
LOGAN: Yup, and there’s a line. Damn.

LORELAI: Call him and cancel.
LUKE: Right, and how would he take that?
LORELAI: Badly, that’s why you just hang up real quick.
LUKE: And this is a good way to start a relationship with your father.
LORELAI: No, this is the way to end it. God, you’re slow. Listen, call him and tell him that, um, when he called, you had just dropped some paoti, and you were tripping, and you were seeing vapors, and that’s why you agreed, but then you landed and realized that you can’t go. Wait, do you smoke paoti? We should get that straight before you call him.

FINN: Pull! Pull! All right, I’m bored. I want to be a target.
LOGAN: You’re always a target, Finn.
FINN: In Omnia Paratus.

(Two guys walk by carrying Finn on a stretcher.)
FINN: I missed the mat.
LOGAN: Again?
FINN: I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me. In Omnia! (He swoons.)
(Logan laughs.)

RORY: High. We are very high.
LOGAN: I’ve been higher.
RORY: I meant distance from the ground.
LOGAN: That, too.

LUKE: And he wants to shave me.
LORELAI: Shave what?
LUKE: I don’t know, he just kept talking about shaving me, and I’m tipsy. We hit the club bar, and I didn’t want to sound dumb and just order a beer because it’s nitwit juice, so I had what your dad was having which was whiskey something – more whiskey than something, let me tell you, ‘cause I can’t even see straight.

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