Gilmore Girls Project: Season Five, The Party is Over

Season Five

Episode Ninety-Five: “The Party’s Over”

Original Airdate: November 9, 2004

It’s time to call it a day. Richard and Emily, eager to play matchmaker, throw a party for Rory that dooms her relationship with Dean. And Luke and Lorelai’s romantic dinner is disturbed by a fuming TJ.

Once again Emily and Richard have to but in their noses into Rory’s life and break her and Dean up. At least they somewhat bond over doing it, however, the dishonesty behind their actions leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Come on, guys, I had hoped you’d be better than this. I know they’d stooped low before, though, so it’s just par for the course.

Honestly, though, I never really cared for the plot twist of Dean and Rory getting back together. Sure there were moments that would light me up like the good old days of the back and forth witty banter Dean could bring to the Gilmore Girls when he was the third wheel. However, there was a difference with Rory and Dean Part II. Perhaps it was he was different. Older. Once married. Divorced. I’m not sure. But it just didn’t seem to fit. They all seemed awkward and unnatural.

Plus, I guess we also have to open the door to a Mr. Logan Huntzberger, and how else can we other than by kicking Dean to the curb. I do have to say, during the show, I’m team Logan. During the Netflix revival, I’m team Jess. But the show, I loved Logan. Sure he was a drunk at first. Sure, he was a jerk at times. But he always knew when to swoop in and save Rory. Like tonight when he fended off that one guy hitting on her. He also had the sweet side, where he took care of her. He made sure she was safe.

On another note, Mrs. Kim finally learns about Zack and Lane and confronts him in front of the magazine and newspapers sales racks. That Mrs. Kim can be fierce. I think even I can be scared of that woman sometimes. Ha!

And also TJ and Liz are in escrow, and are moving to Stars Hollow! They are such a great addition to the show. I still have to say, getting to know Liz, I struggle with the way Jess always described her.

Funny Quotes

RORY: Grandma’s mean.
LORELAI: If it flew, swam or crawled on this earth we just ate it.
RORY: I can’t breathe. [Lorelai pinches her.] Ow! What was that for?
LORELAI: ‘Cause you told my mother about Dean.
RORY [rubbing her arm]: What do you mean?
LORELAI: Well, I was totally covering for you with the phone call, and then you waltz back in and just tell her?
RORY: My arm is swelling up!
LORELAI: You were totally off the hook. I was very skillfully covering for you. Well, not skillfully, but there was a certain aplomb to my evasiveness.
RORY: I’m not going to lie to Grandma about Dean. Why should I?
LORELAI: Because she’s her.
RORY: Mom, I am with Dean. She’s already met him, Grandpa’s already met him, what is the problem besides this permanent welt on my arm?
LORELAI: All right, fine. [sighs] You know, I’m actually hungry.

KYON: I’m so hungry.
LANE: What?
KYON: It’s flaxseed muffin month. Flaxseed muffin in the morning, flaxseed muffin at night. I’m having trouble lifting my toothbrush.

LANE: Sit.
KYON: She made a lot of food with flaxseed. It lasts a very long time.
LANE [Sets down a plate of fries]: There.
KYON: What’s this?
LANE: Fries.
KYON: But Mrs. Kim, she says that fries are the devil’s starchy fingers.
LANE: They’re hot and delicious and they don’t have any flaxseed in them.
KYON: But they are a gateway food. They lead into harder things. Pizza, movie popcorn, deep fried Snickers bar…

RORY: Mom, they’re giving the party together.
LORELAI: Ooh, I got it. Transfer to Harvard, then you won’t be invited.
RORY: Are you listening?
LORELAI: Rory, they’re just manipulating you.
RORY: Yes! Exactly! Them. Both of them, together. They called me together. They were on the speakerphone together, which means that they were in the same room, at the same time, together.
LORELAI: So what you’re saying is, they were together?
RORY: Exactly!
LORELAI: Whose antennae are up besides mine?
RORY: Maybe they made up.
LORELAI: They would have told us.
RORY: They didn’t tell us they broke up.
LORELAI: Yes, but that’s because it looked bad. They didn’t tell people I was pregnant ’till my eighth month. My mother kept getting numbers for fat farms from her friends.

ZACH: Um, sure, or about how your mom totally attacked me today.
LANE: What?
ZACH: I’m standing out on the street in broad daylight, and, like, out of nowhere, bam! She was in my face, crazy and screaming!
LANE: Zach! Slow down, I don’t understand.
ZACH: She cursed me, Lane! What’s not to understand? She went on and on about burning in hellfire and swimming in Satan’s sludge, and hell-dogs eating me, and I gotta tell you, it sounded bad.

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