Gilmore Girls Project: Season Four, Last Week Fights, This Week Tights

Season Four

Episode Eighty-Six: “Last Week Fights, This Week Tights”

Original Airdate: May 11, 2004

Wedding day at Stars Hollow—and the ceremony seems to have an effect on Luke and Jess. Meanwhile, Rory and Dean share another rendezvous.

Who would have thought Jess is starting to turn out normal. I wish he would have been this way the whole time. I would have liked him a lot more. I did enjoy the scenes with him and Luke and love how they said goodbye. I don’t really care for him coming to Yale and trying to take Rory away from Yale, telling her they are supposed to be together. But gotta have those dramatic endings for ratings.

I will say that I’m glad that he came home to walk Liz, his mother, down the aisle. That was sweet, and the stripper scene in Luke’s diner is hilarious.

I love Liz’s wedding vows. She’s so genuine. And TJ’s. They love each other. I’m still failing to see how c Liz is this huge whack-job Jess described her as. I mean yes, she’s all over the place and a little spacey. But she seems so kind.
I love that Mrs. Kim visits Lane. And even if she leaves, seeing her come back always makes me smile. It’s finally b the start of her accepting Lane’s life and choices and the start of a whole new relationship with them.

I really wish Richard and Emily would make up. It’s like the Lorelai and Rory fighting episodes, they are always a dark time.

Funny Quotes:

RORY: Hittin’ the road, Glenn?
GLENN: Yep, and I got a hot date tonight.
RORY: Who’s the lucky girl?
GLENN: I’m getting back together with my girl from back home. Want to see her picture?
RORY: Sure. Glenn, this girl is, like, twelve years old.
GLENN: It’s her when she was little. Don’t make this into something dirty! She drives and everything.

LORELAI: Oh, hey, Mrs. Kim.
MRS. KIM: Hello, Lorelai. What can I do for you?
LORELAI: Well, do you still have the big door knockers — metal with the chipped red paint? [Mrs. Kim picks up a door knocker.] You’re a magician. Do you know that? Oh, it’s great. Isn’t it big?
MRS. KIM: And good price, seeing as how it may have belonged to James Madison. It was commonly known that James Madison liked big knockers.
LORELAI: [laughing] I bet a lot of the founding fathers liked big knockers. I’m sorry for laughing. I’d explain if I could.
MRS. KIM: It’s a double entendre. I’ve been in this country 20 years. I get things.
LORELAI: I never doubted.

T.J.: [coming out of the bathroom] Don’t you have a full-length mirror?
LUKE: Don’t need one.
T.J.: You don’t like looking at your bottom half? I love looking at my bottom half.
LUKE: I look down to look at my bottom half. I don’t need a mirror to do that.
T.J.: You seem nervous.
LUKE: I’m not nervous.
T.J.: I don’t see why you would be. I’m the one getting shackled today.

LIZ: Ohh, I’m nervous. Do I look nervous? I sound nervous.
LORELAI: You look great. It’s normal to be nervous on your wedding day.
LIZ: This is my first wedding of mine that I’ve ever been sober for. I’m probably gonna remember this one.
MISS PATTY: The ones that you remember are the ones that stick.
LIZ: What was your wedding like? Were you this nervous?
LORELAI: Never been married.
LIZ: You got a kid.
LORELAI: Found a way around that.

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