Writer Tips and How To’s

After ten years in the business, I’ve learned a thing or two about writing, publishing, and marketing. So it’s with this knowledge that I’ve put together Brick and Books! Your place for answers to your questions about writing, publishing, and marketing your book.

What are the benefits of outlining? Or finding a critique group? Should I publish with a traditional publisher or self publish? Should I try for an agent? How to do I write a query letter? Do I include a synopsis? How many pages should that synopsis be? Writers and Authors ask themselves all these questions and more every day, and while for some, the answers come easy, for others they don’t. Should I take out Facebook Ads? Amazon ads? How do I even set up an ad? Should I host a book launch party or what about a book tour?

These are just some of the questions authors and writers ask themselves every day. So what are the answers? Ultimately, everyone should do what is best for them and their books. But if you still desire advice, check out the articles below. I know through my helpful writer series and how-to articles specifically designed for writers and authors you will find some of the answers you seek.