Saving You

“Ma’am, we’re sorry to inform you but there’s been an accident . . .”

Evelyn Owens never thought she would hear those words. She also never thought she would be a widow and a single mom of a fourteen-year-old daughter at just thirty-four years old. But life always likes to throw those curveballs, doesn’t it? With her house in foreclosure and nothing to her name but an old minivan full of memories, Evelyn moves out west to her aunt and uncles’ farmhouse—a place she never thought she’d return to. Trying to piece back her life and the setbacks along the way, she faces a new life and one she’s not sure she’s ready for.

Nick Shaw has been working for the Hamilton family for more years than he can count. He knows the farm and the animals like the back of his hands, so it’s exactly not a welcomed surprise when Abby and Jacob bring their niece—who knows nothing about the farm—in to not only live with them, but to learn the ropes of farm life and what it takes to keep the business going from him.

Will these two overcome their differences and keep the place running? Or will the sparks that fly between them start a fire that can burn the whole farm to the ground? And what happens when Evelyn’s life isn’t coming together as she had hoped or planned with her daughter?