Somewhere Called Home

Nothing can rock a woman’s life more than the death of her husband. But what about the death of an ex-husband? When his death leaves his new wife homeless and penniless, it can shake up someone one’s world more than they could ever imagine.

Divorced real estate agent Lisa Holden has been trying to rebuild her life after her husband, Henry, left her for a younger woman just seven years ago. Their daughter, Kara, is about to graduate, and although Lisa’s mother moved into the house, she bought it all on her own; Lisa believes she’s doing all right. Others might not say the same.

Widowed Megan Holden had everything. A handsome husband, a beautiful home, and a son from a previous relationship who is months away from college. Her once hard life was like a fairytale, and then suddenly, it was a nightmare all over again.

After learning her husband had a slew of bad business deals, Megan loses everything, including the roof over her head. While Lisa knows it’s a bad idea to even think about it, she offers Megan a solution—one of the guestrooms in her house.

Can the two women overcome their own damaged souls to find a way to forgive each other and the man who wronged them both? And what happens when they discover that true friendships can be found in the most unlikely people?