Beach Wedding on the Rocks (A Summer Vacation Romance #3)

If revenge is best served cold, then payback should be on the rocks. Eight years after leaving Brighthead, Maine with a broken heart, Noah opens a wedding invitation from the man who destroyed Noah’s relationship with Elsie—and Noah’s only shot at lifelong love. Easy RSVP: NO. Elsie’s letting her best friend use her vacation house [...]

Yielding in Yellowstone (A Summer Vacation Romance #2)

Taking a position at a quaint bookstore in Double Creek was supposed to be Trena Wallace’s dream job. Restlessness, like an itch in her soul, has plagued her ever since her hiking accident. When an opportunity for a summer vacation in Yellowstone presents itself, Trena can’t pass it up. Gavin Eidson saved up all through [...]

Daytona Do Over (A Summer Vacation Romance #1)

Lexi Carter was sure of two things. One, she loved her boyfriend, Shane, and two, although she planned an elaborate trip to see the Coke Zero 400, she knew nothing about cars. Nothing. After she catches Shane sneaking off with another woman, Lexi now has two choices—go on this expensive, already-paid-for trip or be out [...]

Falling for Paige Under the Peach Tree (Orchard Brides #6)

What do you do when you and your twin sister are attracted to the same man? Fight it out of course... Or there's always the nicer option of helping your much quieter sister catch the guy. Identical twins, Paige and Pam, have been inseparable their whole lives. Paige is outgoing and bubbly, whereas Pam is [...]

Pecan Blossoms and Photographs (Orchard Brides #3)

A decade ago, Romeo Fabrizio and Darcie Montague were the high school “it” couple. He played as the star quarterback for junior and senior years, and she was the team’s unofficial photographer. They had their futures planned until an injury ended his football career, and they went their separate ways. After six years of international [...]

HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Misconception

Famous singer Elsa Crestwood can entertain a crowd with a song. But when she is attacked in her dressing room and learns it was her uncle’s right-hand man, she flees Butte, unsure if her uncle is involved or not and why either of them would want her dead. Unfortunately, as she’s trying to escape, she’s [...]

HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Miscalculation

Cora Bennett never had the childhood most children have. Her father was killed during a bank heist, and her brothers and mother have been known as the famous Bennett Bandits ever since. She wants to leave her family’s criminal life, so she begins correspondence with a man in Lone Hollow as a mail order bride, [...]