Lack of support? Just let it go . . . #writing #amwriting #author #romance #fantasy #paranormal

Recently, I got into a discussion with a writer friend about if writing novels was worth the effort. Surely, it is when you consider you're doing something your passionate about. A lot of writers say if they couldn't write, they'd lose their outlet. It's a wall that we can throw out in front of us, [...]

A Writer’s Life as told by Ross Gellar #writing #amwriting #romance #fantasy #paranormal

Several months ago I did a post on A Writer's Life as told by Joey Tribbiani. While I don't really want to repeat the same post, my multiple requests I've been asked to do another. And this time I've decided to take on Ross Gellar. Ross was a bit harder than Joey, but I still [...]

The Ethel to your Lucy….. #writing #amwriting #writerslife

We all have them, those people with whom we share our lives with, in good times and in bad---aside from spouses, of course. They are our friends. Whether they are the childhood friends we grew up with, the friends from high school that we never parted from or had the chance to rekindle the friendship later in [...]