Gingerbread Inn: Christmas at the Inn #13

Do you believe in second chances? Neither did Nikki Reed nor Seth Jermaine until they found each other wrapped in the magic of Christmas at the Gingerbread Inn. Seth Jermaine’s life is turned upside down when a long-lost love checks him into the Gingerbread Inn where they first met thirty years ago. They say absence [...]

Apple Cider Inn: Christmas at the Inn #11

When world-renowned photographer, Andie Branson, is hired for a winter wedding, the only problem with the booking is that the festivities will be at the Apple Cider Inn, owned and operated by her ex-boyfriend's family. After dating all through high school, a cheerleader named Rosie had taken interest in Frank, and their relationship had ended [...]

Silver Bell Inn: Christmas at the Inn #9

Silver Bell Inn is home to Freya James. The picturesque Victorian has belonged to her family for generations, but her father wants to sell after her mother passes. However, Freya’s adamant that’s not going to happen. As a mountain of repairs skyrocket, she’s working day and night to keep the inn afloat, but fears this [...]

Kissin Bough Inn: Christmas at the Inn #7

Maisie Greyson, social influencer and thirty-something entrepreneur, isn’t looking for love when she arrives at the Kissing Bough Inn. Her decision to combine business and pleasure goes horribly wrong when the innkeeper sees right through her employer’s intentions. She wants to make things right, but finds it hard to keep her heart in line with [...]

Mistletoe Inn: Christmas at the Inn #6

All Charly wants for Christmas is a fun-filled vacation with her little girl. Who knew that would include bumping into a handsome blast from her past and her ex-husband as well. Mistletoe Inn feels like the perfect getaway; it’s a virtual winter wonderland, including an unexpected run-in with the handsome Jack Winters—a fellow orchestra member [...]

Merry Hollow Inn: Christmas at the Inn #5

Christmas Kringles and Holiday Tingles When a desperate act of arson destroys most of the buildings on the Merry Hollow Christmas Tree Farm shortly before the holiday, Charlie Merry and his family are resolved to shut down for good. However, determined Stacy Whitaker refuses to let her stepfather’s hard work turn to ashes. With the [...]

Finding Love in the Hay Bale Maze: Pumpkin Patch Romances #8

Julia Williams has one job—to plan the perfect fall harvest festival for her small town, Brook Haven. It’s been her dream ever since she moved there as a young girl. It’s not only her favorite time of the year but her favorite festival the town hosts—and boy, do they host a lot. After gathering ideas [...]