Another Yesterday

Another Yesterday

Two lives. Two stories. One fateful afternoon the family secrets are uncovered from the hidden depths in the yesterdays of the past.

Newly-wed and new mom, Maggie Wilson-Grey only thought about her husband shipping off to Vietnam—a war from which he doesn’t return. Heartbroken, the widow flees with only a few possessions and her late husband’s death benefit money.

Young and alone, Maggie falls prey to a world of drugs and alcohol, drowning her loneliness in men she doesn’t know. After hitting rock bottom, she packs up her car once more and finds herself in a tiny town in Maine, where she meets Helen, the owner of the 1308 Brook House Inn.

With the help of Helen, a new job, and the affections of a caring, loving gentleman named Charlie, Maggie tries to piece her life back together as the new owner of the beloved Inn. Will her effort be enough to make up for hiding the deep secrets of her past from her new husband and daughter?

Rachel Grey-Levine isn’t like her mother, Margaret, and has no desire to be. One of the brightest, upcoming editors for Gilmore Publishing Group in New York, Rachel’s ambitions don’t include cooking, baking, or raising children.

After discovering her husband in bed with another woman, Rachel doesn’t think life can get any worse, or at least she doesn’t until her father, Charlie, calls with the news that her mother has passed away and left Rachel as the owner of her dilapidated B & B.

Just retired from the Navy, Luke Dawson wants nothing more than a quiet, lad back town after his years of hard service. Instead, he finds himself in the middle of renovating 1308 Brook House Inn. If the backbreaking work wasn’t hard enough, he also finds himself having to ignore his growing attraction for Rachel and her troubles, like, a mysterious, older man named Harvey Wilson, who not only doesn’t seem to want to check out, but is far too interested in the young Inn owner for Luke’s liking.

Coming 2020