Dark Lady of Doona

Grace O’Malley was known all over Ireland by name different names. One of them was the Pirate Queen while another was the Dark Lady of Doona. No matter which one she went by, though, it didn’t matter, she was above all, the Queen of Umaill and Chieftain of the O’Malley and O’Flaherty clans in Mayo County.

After the death of her husband, Grace lived her life as she always had—on her land and on the sea, plundering English ships for gold and jewels, treasures she used to build her fortune for her clan, securing power against her enemies. One of which was Sir Robert Bingham, the appointed governor of Connacht by Queen Elizabeth I.

When Robert sends his son Stephen to take a meeting with the intriguing traitor to the Queen of England, he doesn’t expect his only heir to not only fall in love with the woman he hates most of all but to help her in the Irish rebellion against the British Crown.

With power and greed surrounding them, Stephen and Grace find themselves with both allies and enemies, of which they don’t know who to trust. Can a visit to the Queen prove to be the salvation they need to live in peace, or will Robert be the end to the Dark Lady of Doona and his son?


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