Through the Eyes of the Wounded (Book Three)


The United States Army called it ‘The Battle of Wounded Knee’.

In truth, it wasn’t a battle.

It was a massacre.

With her father killed during the Battle of Little Bighorn, journalist Charlotte grew up with an itching curiosity in one thing—the Lakota who fought against her father.

When her courted beau and the newspaper’s award-winning journalist, Charles, receives an assignment to travel to a Lakota reservation and report on the Ghost Dances feared will cause another uprising, Charlotte steals his train tickets and arrives in Deadwood determined to write her own front-page story.

Orphaned in the battle of Little Bighorn, Kohana and his infant brother find shelter in an adopted tribe. Unfortunately, life on the reservation is proving worse than anyone thought, and after his brother is taken along with the other children in the village, he withdraws into himself, hesitant to speak to anyone, much less the woman who arrives on the reservation asking too many questions. Taken aback by her kindness, though, he soon finds himself caught up in protecting her from an angry man and soldiers seeking to do her harm.

Forced to flee, Kohana and Charlotte head to Standing Rock to meet Sitting Bull. Upon their arrival, however, they learn of the Chief’s death and join a party headed back to Pine Ridge–the same ill-fated men, women, and children who stopped to camp at Wounded Knee Creek one cold December night.


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