A Road Paved in Copper

Men. Either they want to kill her or they want to love her.

Ava De La Vega lives exactly how she desires. She travels between her gold mines in Nevada and the fanciest hotel in San Francisco, spending her fortune in the city on fine wines, decadent meals, and the company of attractive young men she tosses at dawn.

She loves only three things—gold, silver, and the ever sought-after copper hidden deep in the earth. Her only problem is keeping men around long enough to protect it all.

An ex-miner from the snowy Klondike, Craig Harrison isn’t looking for work–especially a job that could get him killed. His curiosity in Ava’s rugged nature, however, makes it hard to say no to her when she asks if he’d help manage her mines.

When attacks by claim jumpers become a deadly problem rather than just an annoyance, the fight to protect Ava’s land becomes more than they bargained for, and one that could cost them, not only her land but each other.

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