Historical Romance Novels

Travel to different eras written in the pages of these beautifully written historical romance novels. Enjoy getting lost in the stories while falling in love with unforgettable characters. Available on AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLES, grab your copies of these wonderful reads today!

“Because quiet women rarely make history.”

Each Historical Romance story in The Wildflower Women Collection is about a strong woman and the adventure of her life. She stands against social norms, carving her own path in history. Some of the stories are based on real women while others are based on an idea. Each story is a standalone novel and can be read and enjoyed separately from the others. *Click on the covers for more information about that title.



“Three women. Three stories. All told through the eyes of the brave soul who dared to defy the warrants of another over her own piece of history.”

Gold, greed, and the wilds of the frontier collide in the Woman of the Frontier Collection. Although the Historical Romance stories are a collection that follow the same three women throughout the Battle of Little Bighorn, the gold rush boom in Deadwood, and the Wounded Knee Massacre, they can be read and enjoyed separate from the others.

Other titles, When the Wounded Cry and The High-Dollar Harlot coming in 2021 and 2022.


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