Sweet and Spicy Readers

Calling all readers who enjoy sweet and spicy historical romances! Yes, that’s right, I’m looking for you to join the party over at my “And the Rest is History” reader group.

So what can you expect from this reading group? What do you get when you join?

  • First notice of all pre-sales, sales, and freebies!
  • Awesome member-only giveaways
  • Fun contests to win fabulous swag
  • Opportunities to name characters in future books
  • Exclusive excerpts
  • First viewings of my book covers
  • Insider information about my upcoming releases
  • Exclusive book sales
  • Random details about characters of what I’m currently working on
  • Sound-boarding on early book development for new books
  • And lastly my undying GRATITUDE!!

Of course, with this team, I have to have some rules, so . . .

  • Please don’t be rude, negative, or pushy when commenting on my posts or responding to other comments.
  • Please don’t be afraid to ask questions or afraid to approach me with a suggestion. Also, don’t be afraid to let me know if you are having a problem with another member.

As the author, I reserve the right to remove any member from the group if they are unable to follow the rules above. I will be sharing new updates about all of my current and future titles and I hope to see you all around the posts! Drama and spam will not be tolerated; this is a place for fun!

If this sounds something you’d be interested in, JOIN TODAY!