The Secret Attic

Paris, France 2013

Newly divorced Monica Grace Spencer can’t handle any more heartbreak. After finding out her husband had an affair and losing their home to her ex and his new fiancé, she doesn’t wish for any more surprises. Unfortunately, her late grandmother, Grace Hamilton, had other plans.

When Monica learns she’s inherited her grandmother’s journals from when she lived in France during WWII, she and her seventeen-year-old daughter, Courtney, travel back in time through the pages and discover secrets they never knew about the woman they thought they did. Secrets that could reveal who their grandfather and great-grandfather was.

Paris, France 1940

Grace Hamilton was an American woman studying in Paris when the Germans invaded France. Unable to get home, she does the best she can to survive, keeping to her job at the café and keeping her head down when the Gestapo move into her neighborhood.

When Grace learns two of her friends, brothers Ira and Isak Josef Lewkowicz, are Jewish and are at risk of deportation, she doesn’t hesitate to invite them to hide in a secret part of her attic. It is a risk and a grave one that could cost all three of them their lives if they are caught. Can they all survive and stay out of trouble? Or will Herr Captain Erich Heinrich, who frequents the café and has taken a liking to Grace, discover her secrets?