For Authors and Writers

How do I show not tell? Are there weak words I shouldn’t use? Should I join a critique group? What does it mean to be a hybrid author? Should I publish with a traditional publisher or self publish? Should I try for an agent? How to do I write a query letter? How do I brand myself and my novels? How do I market and promote my novel? Are ads really that lucrative? Which ads are the best when it comes to marketing my novel? What about a book tour or signing?

These are just some of the questions writers ask themselves every day, and after ten years in the business, I’ve learned a thing or two about writing, publishing, and marketing. Things I will share with you in helpful writer series and how-to articles that I’ve specifically designed for writers and authors.

Check back weekly for new series and articles to help you make the most of your writing careers.

The Writing Process

Submission and Queries


Traditional Publishing


Marketing and Promotion