The Parking Space

Have you ever had a bad life? Not day, not week, not month, but life?

You know, where you are left at the altar, you have a client from Satan’s army, your fat, orange tabby can’t seem to stay out of trouble, and there is an annoying person parking in your paid parking space day in and day out?

No? Just me then?

Once upon a time, I loved the idea of love. How stupid I’d been. At least I have one thing to look forward to—my best friend’s wedding in beautiful Bora Bora. Six days and seven nights without a care in the world, and a vacation that couldn’t come at a better time. My client just fired me and threatened to ruin my reputation and if that wasn’t bad enough, my cat got into some poison and almost died! Thank goodness for the hunky new emergency vet. Even if he was a jerk to me.

Doesn’t matter, though, it’s vacation time, and I’m going to have the vacation of my dreams.




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