Boondocking in Big Bear

Sydney Wood never thought of herself as a workaholic. Ambitious. Maybe. Passionate. Definitely. Her online marketing business revolves around helping women with her podcasts and blog posts about how to be an independent woman. When a news story breaks that Sydney might not be as adventurous as she has claimed, the fans start wondering if she really has done all the things she claims. Her business starts to tank, and she needs to do something fast. Something crazy. Something like rent an RV and go on a two-week adventure and taking her questioning fans along with her—by video of course.

Kade Graham has lived in his RV for the last three years, making his living taking couples on beautiful tours throughout all parts of the country in their RVs while he enjoys life on the road. He can’t think of any better way to live. When one of his guests ends up being a single woman who knows absolutely nothing about driving or living in an RV, Kade can’t help but wonder if he bit off more than he can chew by taking her reservation.

Can Sydney survive her new adventure? Or will she find herself falling short of gaining back her readers’ trust?