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It's no secret that I love this time of year. From Halloween to New Years I'm buzzing with excitement, especially around Thanksgiving. While I love all the other holidays, I think Thanksgiving is probably my favorite by a teeny-tiny bit. I'm actually one of those weird people in that I love cooking the big meal. [...]

Tips on Outlining Your Novel #writing #amwriting #outlining

If you are the type of writer who likes to outline before you start writing a new novel, you are well aware of the outlining process. For some, it comes easy and naturally, especially when you have the entire story already thought out in your mind. For others, though it's not as easy---for whatever reason, [...]

Steps for Outlining a Novel #writing #amwriting #outlining

Outlining your novel can be really easy, really difficult, or somewhere in between. Every writer who has outlined their novel before starting the first draft has had moments of joy and moments of chaos throughout the process. Just like every author has felt the same without outlining. Again, deciding to outline before you begin writing [...]

Benefits to Outlining a Novel #writing #amwriting #outlining

You've decided to finally take the plunge and start that novel that has just been itching for you to start.Ā Before you can get that story straight, though the first decision you should make is whether or not to outline. Outlining can represent a complete play by play of your entire novel, down to every scene [...]