June Announcements

Happy June everyone! I can't believe we are halfway through the year already! Seriously, where is the time going? I have lots to update you on this month, so I'm just going to jump on into the announcements. First and foremost, if you follow me and these updates you will already know that my novel, [...]


May Annoucements

Wow. May. Where in the world did May come from? Like seriously? I knew I was coming. I mean, I just sent you a Happy April newsletter. But still May? Already? At least one happy note about it being May is that my birthday is in a few short days. I will be 41, and [...]

Writing Historical Novels, Part Eight: Rules – Personal Beliefs and Authenticity #historicalromance #romance

When I first became obsessed with Outlander, I went online to read some of the reviews on the books. Why, I don't know, but curiosity always drives me. Perhaps, it's because I like to see that no matter how much of a blockbuster a book is, it will still have a broad range of reviews [...]