Kris Kringle Inn: Christmas at the Inn #19

For the last three years, Christmas brings Harper Winchester nothing but pain. Instead of celebrating the holiday she used to love, she spends the holiday season alone. Pushing away all of her friends and alienating her family, she clings to the memories before tragedy turned her world upside down.

When Harper’s aunt suddenly passes away, she leaves Harper Kris Kringle Inn, located in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. With no interest in owning and running an inn, especially one with a Christmas theme, she travels to the small town of Winter Springs, with every intention of selling the place. How can she own a business that constantly reminds her of the worst day of her life?

Noel VanBuren grew up in a wealthy family who valued money above all else. With the expectation he would one day take over the resort his father built from the ground up, Noel can’t stomach the thought. His father’s focus on money instead of people pushes Noel to take a hard look at what he really wants in life.

Taking a leave of absence, Noel stumbles upon Kris Kringle Inn. The warm atmosphere contrasts his father’s resort. When his father calls and gives him an ultimatum, Noel finds himself even more lost than before. And then he meets her.
Something about Harper’s demeanour intrigues Noel. Can he find what he’s looking for at the Kris Kringle Inn? Can Harper let go of the past and find healing while she decides what to do with the gift her aunt left her?


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