Sleigh Bells Inn: Christmas at the Inn #17

Amaryllis North, Rill to her friends, just landed her dream job as assistant to the president of an up-and-coming fashion design company. She’s still on employment probation when her aunt calls and asks her to take a leave of absence and come home to run the family inn for two months. She can’t risk her job, but neither can she risk losing her heritage by not going.

Owen Rose, former soldier turned maintenance man, loves Snowy Hollow and the Sleigh Bells Inn. The town and the inn are his life and he can’t imagine living anywhere else. Life would be perfect if he had someone to love. He’s had a thing for his employer’s niece since they were kids, and she’s headed home. With luck, he’ll be able to win her heart.

Back in Snowy Hollow, Rill frets over her uncertain future and tries to protect her heart from falling for former bad boy Owen. She wants to stay strong and resist him and the lure of her roots, but Snowy Hollow, Sleigh Bells Inn, and Owen Rose might just be more than her heart can resist.
Will Amaryllis cut and run back to the city, or will Owen get his Christmas miracle and an unstoppable love?


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