Evergreen Inn: Christmas at the Inn #15

When Michelle Rivers learns about an inn for sale in Colorado, she books a room and heads west, hopeful that the property will be as perfect for her as it sounds. With Christmas just around the corner, she can’t help but bask in the thoughts of a holiday-filled winter wonderland at her “soon-to-be-new” inn. What she didn’t plan on was another guest who checked in with the intention of buying the place too.

Briggs Bevan has always dreamed of owning his own inn. When his realtor calls him about a place in Colorado that is exactly what he’s been looking for, he hands his restaurant to his sister and books a room. When Briggs finds out another guest is there to buy the inn, he’s quick to approach the owners with an offer he hopes they can’t refuse.

What happens when these two butt heads on everything, and who will end up signing the escrow papers?


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