Apple Cider Inn: Christmas at the Inn #11

When world-renowned photographer, Andie Branson, is hired for a winter wedding, the only problem with the booking is that the festivities will be at the Apple Cider Inn, owned and operated by her ex-boyfriend’s family. After dating all through high school, a cheerleader named Rosie had taken interest in Frank, and their relationship had ended spectacularly. As Andie books her room, she comforts herself with the fact that she had heard he moved to Europe, so all would be fine. Right?

Director Frank Hadley is happy with his life at an art gallery in Paris when his brother calls and asks him to be the best man. Scheduled remodeling has the gallery closed for most of the holiday season, so Frank sees it as a sign of good luck and books a flight home. Sometime during the long flight, he finds himself excited to see the Inn again after so many years.

When Andie and Frank arrive at the Apple Cider Inn at the same time, chaos ensues as they try to navigate the upcoming nuptials without letting their awkwardness ruin it for the happy couple, even as familiar sparks fly between them. When the bride gets cold feet, Andie and Frank have to work together to save the wedding. Can they overcome their past and try again? Or when Rosie ends up being on the guest list, will history repeat itself?


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