Kissin Bough Inn: Christmas at the Inn #7

Maisie Greyson, social influencer and thirty-something entrepreneur, isn’t looking for love when she arrives at the Kissing Bough Inn. Her decision to combine business and pleasure goes horribly wrong when the innkeeper sees right through her employer’s intentions. She wants to make things right, but finds it hard to keep her heart in line with her objectives.

Zane Deveraux, widower and owner of the Kissing Bough Inn, has no time for love and nosey women trying to get him and his inn. He barely has enough time for his two daughters as he manages the family’s successful mountain resort. But keeping his heart unencumbered proves near impossible when the young woman in question is everything a family wants and needs in his life.

When the town of Nowhere, New Mexico, is unexpectedly snowed in, can Maisie and Zane find the love that each of them so desperately needs despite the obstacles trying to keep them apart?


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