Mistletoe Inn: Christmas at the Inn #6

All Charly wants for Christmas is a fun-filled vacation with her little girl. Who knew that would include bumping into a handsome blast from her past and her ex-husband as well.

Mistletoe Inn feels like the perfect getaway; it’s a virtual winter wonderland, including an unexpected run-in with the handsome Jack Winters—a fellow orchestra member from high school. He’s the owner of the inn and seems just as happy to see her again as she is to see him. Jack is charming and warm, if not a little shy—everything she remembers him to be and more. He quickly begins to fill the empty spaces in her life—spaces she didn’t even realize were missing. After Charly’s husband ripped her heart out three years before, she’s hesitant to ever fall in love again, but at the same time, there’s nothing she wants more. But when her ex-husband shows up at the inn and seems determined to win her back, Charly is lost, knowing what to do or which path would be best for her and her little girl.
Will a stolen kiss under the mistletoe make everything more clear, or just complicate her decision that much more?

For those who enjoyed Silver Bells Cottage from the Holiday Cottage series, you won’t want to miss Charly’s sweet and swoony journey to finding healing and love.


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