Cranberry Inn: Christmas at the Inn #2

Arisha Miskin escapes to the coast of Maine, where she was born and where she created one of her most popular book series. She arrives a week early at the Cranberry Inn. A broken engagement and seven years of hiding her identity are wearing thin.

Max Elliot is surprised to have a guest arrive a week early since the Inn was closed for renovations. Not willing to send her out on a cold and stormy night, he makes room for her in the Inn, only to have a branch break the window in the middle of the night. Now he has to move her to the honeymoon suite. To him, she is dangerous, a pixie, beautiful, alluring, and probably a bit mischievous.

Their attraction grows as life gets complicated. Can he give his heart to another after losing his wife three months after their marriage? Can she open her heart after the breakup with her fiancé? Can they survive whoever is after her?


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