Harvest Hearts: Pumpkin Patch Romance #5

Widowed Claire McMillan returns to her small hometown of Cider Mill, MI to care for her 90-year-old grandmother, who’s been diagnosed with dementia. A cozy mystery author, she plans her professional and personal time down to the quarter-hour. Unfortunately, her best-laid plans are quickly disrupted by Grandma Molly and her menagerie of pets.

Michael (Mick) Cousins is a retired navy seal who’s come to Cider Mill to take over his late uncle’s farm. He’d spent many summers working for Uncle Carl and has no doubt he can handle the day-to-day operations of a small family farm. What he doesn’t realize is that in the dozen or so years he’s been away, Scarecrow Farms has grown into a thriving business with a half dozen employees.

When Claire decides to take Gram on an outing to the local harvest festival, the last person she expects to run into is the one man she’d crushed on throughout high school. Mick Cousins: star quarterback and every young girl’s fantasy date. She’d been the geeky science nerd who’d skipped grades twice and clumsily tried to hold her own with the other teens.

Mick can’t believe the young girl with the thick glasses who helped him cram for his chemistry exam is now a beautiful, mature woman. Can these two former acquaintances kick it up a notch now that they’ve outgrown the pressures of high school cliques?

And, will Claire’s reluctance to risk her heart a second time put an end to their mutual attraction as quickly as it began?


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