Falling for Her: Pumpkin Patch Romance #4

Love can bloom in the most unexpected places, even in a pumpkin patch!

Pam Livingston is the middle daughter of a family of ten, as well being an identical twin. To say she feels lost and forgotten is an understatement. It’s not that she’s unhappy though, she’s just terribly awkward and shy, especially around men. So when the gorgeous Joshua Drake, the man who just moved in next door—who likely thinks she’s a mute—turns out to be the new principal at the school where she teaches, she immediately clams up whenever he walks into her classroom. Instead of formulating any coherent sentences, she squeaks and mumbles, making a complete fool of herself.
Beyond humiliated, Pam foregoes drowning her sorrows in a bucket of ice cream and wanders the local pumpkin patch instead.

Joshua is instantly taken with his new neighbor, but when he finds out that she’s one of the teachers at the school where he’s been newly hired, he knows he can’t pursue anything with her. The strict rules of the school district forbid it. Besides that, Pam can’t seem to stand being within the same vicinity as him; she either looks as if some foul odor has entered the room or hightails it whenever he’s around. The fact that she darted behind a pumpkin when he and his nephew showed up at the pumpkin patch just further solidifies his belief that she detests him. But when his precocious nephew challenges him to get to know the lovely Pam Livingston a little better—in a strictly professional manner, of course—Joshua can’t help but take his nephew up on the challenge.


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