Basking in the Bahamas (A Summer Vacation Romance #11)

A tropical Paradise, two determined people, and love in the air…will it catch them as they run from it?

Skye just wanted to stay in her writing bubble, comfy in her sweatpants, eating pizza. But her friends from grade school were insisting she join them on the annual summer vacation, even though she had already declined several times due to a deadline approaching and a serious case of writer’s block. She didn’t have time to have fun; she didn’t have time to do anything, much less lay on a beach in a tropical paradise.

Gage had a plan to be the best and most sought-after airline to and from the Bahamas as well as tourist excursions. He had put the plan in motion and nothing was going to get in his way, not even the girl with the extraordinary eyes who stepped onto his plane. He vowed to stay away, but fate had a different idea and put them directly in one another’s paths.

Can they stay away from each other and stick to their plans, or will fate win out as usual?


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