Stranded in Sydney (A Summer Vacation Romance #4)

He’s won the match, now he needs to win her heart…

Spending her last dime to surprise her professional tennis player boyfriend at the Australian Open, Jewel Roberts books a flight to travel to the other side of the world. She’s beyond excited to see Alex after so many weeks apart and is in dire need of a vacation. But when she gets there, not only is she too late to watch him play, but she’s shocked to discover that he wants to break up with her. After spending all her money to see him, the jerk doesn’t even offer to help her get home. How foolish could she have been?

Penniless, heartbroken, and no longer a fan of the deplorable male species, Jewel does the last thing she thought she’d ever do; she accepts a job to clean some random guy’s large house. Desperate times call for desperate jobs. And she desperately wants to get back to Texas. She wasn’t about to say no to the room he was offering her either. At least, she won’t be cozying up to a park bench for the foreseeable future. But when she finds out that he’s just another professional tennis player, all she wants to do is get out of Australia all the sooner. She’s done dealing with cocky men living in the limelight with women flocking all around. Too bad he’s got a devilishly handsome smile to tag onto his delicious accent. Curse the man and his charm.

Chris Marshall’s euphoria after winning the Australian Open comes crashing down around him when he realizes his advice to his opponent before the finals match causes the heartbreak of an unsuspecting young woman. When he comes upon her crying, he feels as if it’s his duty to offer her a job since she refuses to accept his charity. But falling in love with her wasn’t part of the plan. Now he’s stuck with trying to find a way to tell her that his meddling is the reason for her heartache, and convince her to trust him when all she wants to do is leave her bad memories and his country behind.


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