Escape to Paradise (A Summer Vacation Romance #9)

Allison (Ali) Dow, a thirty-two-year-old, driven corporate attorney harbors the worst fear of commitment known to man (or woman). With two failed engagements under her belt, the last thing she wants is the distraction of another man unable to handle her professional success.

Jace Bailey, thirty-three, is the new head of security for Tech-Savvy Solutions. After ten years as an MP (military police), Jace has always planned to return to the family business once he’s discharged. However, when a good friend and former mentor offers him a job in corporate security, he jumps at the chance to remain a ‘protector’.

His first major off-campus assignment requires him to escort his employer’s corporate attorney to the island paradise of Grand Cayman to close a major business deal. The job should be simple until he realizes the attorney in question is the woman known around the TSS watercooler as ‘viper’.

Can these two distinctly different individuals manage to get along long enough to get the job done? Or, will they be the only two people on the island who aren’t affected by the romantic magic of their surroundings?


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