Beach Wedding on the Rocks (A Summer Vacation Romance #3)

If revenge is best served cold, then payback should be on the rocks.

Eight years after leaving Brighthead, Maine with a broken heart, Noah opens a wedding invitation from the man who destroyed Noah’s relationship with Elsie—and Noah’s only shot at lifelong love. Easy RSVP: NO.

Elsie’s letting her best friend use her vacation house for a wedding on the rocky beach—which would be great except Elsie hates the groom for his “little prank” that broke up her and Noah right after graduation. When Noah RSVPs that he’s not coming, Elsie’s not having it. Her ex had better get up to Maine now—and they’re going to give their prankster friend a little bit of what he’s dished out.

Or…a lot of what he’s dished out.

As Elsie and Noah plan (and pull off!) a series of hilarious stunts, the old feelings and questions flood back like a tide over the rocks. What begins as a pact to get payback turns into a week of missteps, mixed signals, and misguided attempts to deny everything that’s kept them apart for so long.


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