HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Her Mail Order Misunderstanding

Amelia Hawthorn has been waiting for a post at the Lone Hollow school for what seems like forever. After finally getting word she is to start at the school, Amelia heads to the tiny town. While she expects a friendly welcome from all the children, she doesn’t expect the current teacher to not only still be teaching but also swears he did not resign from his post.

Harrison Bullock has been looking to settle down. A teacher who loves his job, he wants a wife and family of his own. After seeing other men in the town find love in a mail-order bride, Harrison takes out an ad and has been awaiting his first correspondence. When a lovely woman shows up because of the ad, he’s shocked to learn she thinks it’s for his teaching job.

Amelia and Harrison couldn’t be any more different and they disagree more often than not. But when a girl from town goes missing, the two have to come together to help find her? Can they overcome their differences long enough to help save her? Or will Amelia go off on her own, getting into a situation that was more than she bargained for?

AMAZON          |          GOODREADS

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