A Christmas Candle for Eleanor: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #13

Spending her life in an orphanage has been unpleasant at best. Despite the cruelty of the headmistress and other staff, Eleanor is surprised when she and her twin sister are sent off in response to mail-order bride solicitations. Sent to different towns, with no way of contacting each other, Eleanor doesn’t know how she’ll find her sister.

Benjamin Wilkerson is a candlemaker—a trade he learned from his father. The good-looking, but reclusive man keeps to himself and designs intricate, prize-winning candles that he ships around the country. When Eleanor arrives with a missive saying she’s come in response to his mail-order bride ad, the man is suspicious. But his kind heart won’t let him put the young woman out, so he offers to let her stay in the old hunting cabin his uncle built on the backside of the property years ago.

Will a spark of love flicker between the handsome candlemaker and Eleanor? Or will the desire to find Elsie take her far away from the small mountain town in Montana?


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