My newest adventure!

Do you love book covers? I do.

I could scroll through book cover websites for hours looking through them, and it’s a daily fight not to just buy up all the ones I love, even if I don’t have stories for them. I have, on occasion . . . okay, more than on occasion . . . several times, in fact, bought covers I don’t even have stories for but I just have to have the covers anyway.

Shh! Don’t tell my husband.

Of course, I had always wanted to design covers. I had been making my own for awhile, but it wasn’t until I started making them for a novella series that I’m doing with several other authors that it really hit me. I want to do this. Or at least dabble in this. I still have time commitments that don’t allow for much wiggle room.

However, it is still a way for me to unwind from writing, so why not?

And that’s when Long Valley Designs was born!

At this time I’m keeping my stock low and am not taking on customs YET (SORRY!). I will be adding more premades each week so even if you don’t see something this week, FOLLOW THE BLOG so you can be up to date on what I have available.

Until next time, have a great day!

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