A Christmas Card for Krista: Mail-Order Brides’ First Christmas Book #3

When Krista Franklin boards a stagecoach in St. Joseph, Missouri, she has no idea her whole life will change in the next two weeks. Acting as a companion for her sister, Krista finds herself falling in love with one of their fellow travelers. But if she follows the desires of her heart, the action could cause a permanent split from her only remaining relative.

Chance Griffin, who plans to start a lumbering business in northern California, finds himself targeted by Cupid’s arrows and proposes to Krista. After their hasty marriage, they head west where their dream of a prosperous business is thwarted by surprising conditions and characters.
Away from friends and family, the young couple must rely on each other and their faith to find the right path for their lives in this rugged land where people’s actions don’t always follow traditional conventions.


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