Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, Hay Bale Maze

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty-Nine: “Hay Bale Maze”

Original Airdate: April 17, 2007

Brief encounter: Stars Hollow’s centerpiece attraction for the annual Spring Fling brings Lorelai and Luke face to face. And the post-grad job hunt has Rory dithering in a most unRory-like manner.

We are starting into the last five episodes of the series and this is when Rory begins to make a bunch of decisions that drive me bonkers. Turning down the job for a fellowship that she doesn’t get is just one of them, and I have to say, I think that because she’s really only lived in dream world most of her life, i.e. her grandparents then boyfriend footing the bill for pretty much anything her heart desired to the point where she never had to work to pay bills, was the stepping stone into this poor choice. Who passes up a paying job for something that is a risk and isn’t paid? Someone who hasn’t had to worry about bills ever in their lives, that’s who.

I know she has always used the pro and con list but it seems like she has a really deep rooted problem with making decisions, which I don’t really understand. Shouldn’t she be better at it by now? And since when did taking one job mean that all others were off the table?

I have to say, I also feel for Logan in this episode. Lorelai sure has her judgmental cap on and I think she’s even added a cape and maybe some boots to match. For someone to get knocked up at sixteen she sure is busting his . . . er . . . chops over the choices he’s made.

The second, and biggest, worst choice Rory makes is coming up in another episode and I will touch on that then.

I do like how the episode ended with Lorelai and Luke finally apologizing to one another. Now, maybe, we can get back to how the show should be.

So what did you all think of this episode?

Funny Quotes:

LORELAI: And it turns out he wasn’t really crying so much as he was allergic to the hay.
MICHEL: Oh! Whatever.
SOOKIE: Michel, people stopped saying “whatever” like two years ago.
MICHEL: Whatever. I’m outtie 5,000.

LOGAN: I’m sorry I could have sworn there were like four or five cartons in there.
PARIS: Each of these milks is here for a reason. I need the 2% for my cereal, whole milk for my tea, half-and-half for my coffee, skim milk for cooking or baking, plus, I like to keep lactaid on hand for Doyle.
DOYLE: Which I don’t need. Because I’m not lactose intolerant.
PARIS: You’re lactose resistant. You have a bias against lactose. You’re sensitive.
DOYLE: I’m not sensitive. I have no problem with lactose.

RORY: Well, let’s hope that it does most of the talking because I keep thinking of questions that they might ask me, and this lovely little thing keeps happening where my mind goes completely blank. You know it’s like “Rory, what journalists do you admire?” ah-um “What journalists do I admire?” And nothing. It’s a blank. It’s like a snowstorm in here. It’s all white and empty.
PARIS: Uh-oh.
LOGAN: You’re gonna be great.
DOYLE: Absolutely.
PARIS: Or you’ll choke. What? It’s your first big interview. You very well may panic. I’m just saying, don’t panic if you panic.

APRIL: It’s fascinating stuff, and you know what’s funny? Growing up in New England, it’s like you’re told over and over that you live in this old place where houses are 300 years old and there’s all this history, right?
LUKE: Right,
APRIL: Well, some of these pueblos, like the Aztec ruins national monument, or the Casamero Pueblo ruins — I mean, people were living there in 1100 A.D. It’s like, “suck it, New England.”

LUKE: Why is there a giant wall of hay right in front of my diner?!
TAYLOR: The entire town voted. I’m just executing what the town wants.
LUKE: This is not what the town wants. This is what you want!
[Logan and Rory watching from their table]
LOGAN: Oh, stars hollow is better than Colonial Williamsburg.

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