Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, Gilmore Girls Only

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty-Eight: “Gilmore Girls Only”

Original Airdate: March 6, 2007

All three Gilmore girls hit the road for North Carolina and Mia’s wedding. With Lane due any minute, Zack turns to Luke for advice on being a dad. And–surprise–Logan may be growing up at last.

So the girls head out on a road trip. I love road trips. I wish they would take more on this show. But anyway, the girls are headed to North Carolina, and I know why Emily goes along, but nothing like inviting yourself on a trip then complaining about it all is . . . well, what would Miss Manners say?

I’m curious as to why they changed the actress for Mia. I tried to look online for the reason, but I couldn’t find anything. Another thing missing from Mia’s wedding—aside from the original actress is Mia’s son. The one who Lorelai talked to after the fire at the Independence Inn and the one who broke the news they were going to close the inn. I guess he wasn’t invited.

Another thing I’ve noticed, and I did a few episodes ago, but I never said anything. In the revival, it’s mentioned there is a secret bar because Taylor doesn’t want a bar in town. But in season seven, there is a bar in Stars Hollow. It’s mentioned several times, is named Casey’s, and Christopher even went on his man-date with Jackson to the place. So in the revival what happened to Casey’s and why isn’t it until season seven that it was even mentioned?

Funny Quotes:

KIRK: Not so fast. Got a little snafu with my order.
ZACH: I don’t see a snafu.
KIRK: And that is why Lane is the pro at this job, and you will always be the amateur.
ZACH: Dude I don’t have a problem with that. What’s wrong with your order?

KIRK: Grilled-cheese platter comes with French fries and pickles.
ZACH: Which I’m looking at.
KIRK: Look a little closer, my friend, and you’ll see that the juice from the pickles has leached over to the grilled cheese, rendering it sodden and inedible.
ZACH: Well —
KIRK: I don’t recall ordering grilled cheese “au jus”.
ZACH: Pickles have juice, dude. It’s like a main law of nature.
KIRK: Ah, but that’s where Lane knew how to prevent this culinary catastrophe. Prior to serving the dish, she would use the French fries to build a tiny dam…
ZACH: Dude, I get it.

ZACH: Lane’s right. You rock as a boss.
LUKE: Yeah. How’s she doing?
ZACH: Oh dude she is about ready to burst.
LUKE: Oh, yeah?
ZACH: Yeah she’s like a giant piñata, just waiting for some kid to take a mallet to her stomach and free the goodies inside.
LUKE: I’m thinking a doctor might be a better way to go.

EMILY: He refuses to deal with anything. All he does is watch golf, pad around in his sweatsuit, and annoy me with questions about things he’s misplaced. And he’s getting to be a serious pain in the you-know-what.
LORELAI: The nose? The ear?
EMILY: Would it give you that much pleasure to hear me say “ass”?
LORELAI: I wasn’t sure, but, yes, it did.

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