Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore?

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty-Seven: “Will You Be My Lorelai Gilmore”

Original Airdate: February 27, 2007

Just before Lane’s baby shower, Lorelai must mediate a Kim family grudge match. And Logan finally tells Rory that his business has gone belly-up . . . then takes off for Vegas with his old prankster buddies.

So, after getting curious as to what these characters were worth, I decided to look it up. I found a website that estimated the Gilmores were worth about $50 million, Christopher was worth about $50 million, and the Huntzbergers were worth about $200 million. It’s with this knowledge that given that $200 million is not just a one lump, when it’s gone it’s gone, I never could figure out why Logan losing $3 million on the computer deal was such a travesty. I mean, yeah, $3 million is a lot of money, but in the grand scheme of the Huntzbergers world, is it? Because I’m thinking no.

I do love how Lorelai works between Mrs. Kim and Lane regarding the babies and I love how much fun Mrs. Kim celebrates the baby shower. She is going to make the best grandma. I wish we had gotten the chance to see it with at least one more season.


Funny Quotes:

RORY: Okay, I mean — that would be great. I should probably spend the night at Logan’s tonight. My laptop’s there. I need to print out my résumé. I should. God, I need to prepare. I mean he’s gonna expect me to ask him really intelligent questions.
LORELAI: Honey you’ve been asking intelligent questions since you were 3.
RORY: Yeah I know, he’s probably expecting something a little more sophisticated.
LORELAI: Than “what is a color?” ‘cause that one, like, blew my mind.

LORELAI AND LANE: [together] Hi!
LORELAI: Wow. Sorry, but, hoo! Wow.
LANE: I know every day, I think I can’t possibly get any bigger, and then I do.
LORELAI: Hmm, It’s looking homey in here.
LANE: Thanks. According to my book, I’m nesting. I hope it stops soon. It’s sort of creeping me out. So, what’s up?

BABETTE: If you ask me, Gil’s the one to beat.
LORELAI: Oh, yeah, I saw him do that whole thing freehand.
LULU: [gushing] He’s an amazing man. [Seriously] As is Kirk.
LORELAI: Don’t worry, Lulu. It’s the rock-star thing.

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