Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty-Six: “I’m a Kayak, Hear Me Roar”

Original Airdate: February 20, 2007

Lorelai finally gets up the nerve to tell Emily that she and Christopher are pfffft. And Logan thought he bough an internet company. Instead, his dreams of entrepreneurial glory bought the farm.

Here is something I noticed, however, so in this season Rory turns 21 and in this episode, the balloons Rory buys for Logan’s birthday say 25. That means he is, what, 4 years older than her, give or take depending on the time of year. And yet, he graduated Yale only 1 year ahead of her. Last season finale was his graduation and leaving for London and this season finale is her graduation. Did he really goof off that much in college? Or did he go for a longer degree? Is she only doing a 2 year program and he did a 4 year old?

I really don’t know what to make of Mitchum’s speech to Rory. But I think it’s funny Logan does. “You got Huntzbergered!”

And, can I just say I love it when Lorelai and Emily have those bonding moments. Of course, they are fleeting, however, and it sucks when they go back to the cold and distant relationship when the sun comes up. Watching them drink over paperwork was a fun scene though.

I’m a bit confused as to how Logan lost all this money on the deal. I mean, if they bought something that wasn’t supposed to be for sale, couldn’t they get their money back? I mean, sure it would have to go through legal cases, but I’m failing to see how all the money is just gone without any chance of getting it back. Why didn’t he just sue the company that sold the patent to him?

Funny Quotes:

[Emily opens the door]
LORELAI: Hi come bearing drugs.
EMILY: Please don’t bellow that.
LORELAI: Bellow what [louder] “Drugs”?!
EMILY: Lorelai.

BABETTE: Yeah, it’s true — he’s definitely moved out. Last time I saw the…beagle’s car in the driveway, it was days ago. Then I saw the mover’s truck, so only the…hen is living there now.
MISS PATTY: So did the hen break up with the beagle, or the beagle with the hen?
BABETTE: I don’t know.
MISS PATTY: Oh the poor hen.
BABETTE: Yeah she’s been through so much.
MISS PATTY: You know, just kind of getting used to him — the beagle.
BABETTE: But he’s not right for her. He’s a beagle, you know. And beagles, beagles belong with beagles.
MISS PATTY: And the hen belongs with the rooster.

EMILY: Your father and I don’t have anyone who wants to sue us.
LORELAI: Well, dad probably did it for tax purposes. It looks like he’s got a couple of different investments, some stocks, a rental building.
EMILY: Would you like a drink?
LORELAI: Mmm, I thought the house was dry.
EMILY: Vodka or scotch?
LORELAI: Wow, it’s a regular speakeasy.

RORY: Um…your dad and I had a bit of a weird conversation tonight.
LOGAN: Oh yeah.
RORY: Yeah, he started thanking me for guiding you and steering you, or — I don’t know. And then he said that he and I should start planning your future, like, together.
LOGAN: Well, that’s my dad for you.
RORY: Well, it felt really weird. I mean I felt like we were conspiring or something. I didn’t even agree with what he was saying. I ended up toasting. I toasted him.
LOGAN: What did you toast?
RORY: “To being on the same page,” which I’m not. I’m not even on the same page with him. You know I, I actually think that everything you’ve accomplished is just because you’ve worked hard, and I’m proud of you. I don’t even know how the conversation ended up where it did.
LOGAN: It’s okay you know what just happened? You got Huntzbergered. That’s what my dad does to people. He’s the mast manipulator. You sit down, and you have your own opinions. But by the time you stand up, you hear yourself agreeing with him, and you stagger away confused and queasy.
RORY: Yes! That’s exactly it! I got Huntzbergered!

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