Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, Merry Fisticuffs

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty-One: “Merry Fisticuffs”

Original Airdate: December 5, 2006

Peace on Earth. The Yuletide finds everyone spoiling for a fight. Rory vs Logan, Rory vs Lucy, Luke vs Anna, Luke vs Christoper, Lorelai vs Christopher, and Kirk vs the local middle school kids.

So much going on in this episode, and it’s all drama and jealousy and bleh, icky stuff. Plus, not to mention it’s all complaining. It’s like the writers were in a bad mood when they wrote it.

Especially between Lorelai and Christopher. Ouch. Between them arguing about having another baby and having a wedding party. Then the fight between Luke and Christopher. We haven’t seen anything like this since Dean and Jess.

I still don’t know why Marty acted like he didn’t know Rory. I mean, even if he did still have feelings for her, so what if he knew her a long time ago? I highly doubt Lucy would have cared. So they knew each other. So what. I have to agree with Logan that they should have told her. But I don’t really agree with what he did, just telling her himself and throwing them both under the bus.


Funny Quotes:

CHRISTOPHER: Which one do we get again?
LORELAI: Avoid the words “made with real vegetables.”

RORY: Mm-hmm I’m gonna tell them that you’re my brother and that you’re gonna get your meal comped.
LOGAN: I don’t mind paying for my mushy meat.
RORY: No, that’s not the issue. I mean I know how to work the system.
LOGAN: Oh, you do.
RORY: Yeah, you know me — I can be crafty.
LOGAN: You can make a necklace out of macaroni, but this is high-stakes deception.
RORY: What’s my middle name? Rory “high-stakes deception” Gilmore.

RORY: What are you doing?
LORELAI: Inventory.
RORY: At the inn?
LORELAI: No, at the pentagon. I’m tracking soaps and nuclear missiles for general Abizaid.

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