Gilmore Girls Project: Season Seven, Knit, People, Knit

Season Seven

Episode One Hundred Forty: “Knit, People, Knit”

Original Airdate: November 28, 2006

Odd man out. Eager to make Christopher part of the Stars Hollow community, Lorelai sets him up on a man date with Jackson. After holding his newborn niece, Luke makes a big decision about April.

I never really could figure out why Lorelai didn’t want a wedding party after she married Christopher. I mean, she planned a huge wedding with Luke and she even planned one with Max. And she had that big engagement party with Max. Plus, she wants the town to accept Christopher, what better chance than a big party? Or is it that she doesn’t want her parents friends there? It just seems odd that someone who likes attention and fun things would suddenly be opposed to a nice party she doesn’t have to pay for. She says it’s to give the town time to adjust, but that just seems like an odd cop-out. They aren’t going to adjust if he’s never around.

I did love the man date scene with Christopher and Jackson, and Jacksons speech.

And is anyone surprised to learn that Lorelai left her parents a massage on their answering machine about her and Christopher getting married? I’m surprised she told them at all.

And for the life of me, I could never figure out why Marty acted like he and Rory didn’t know each other. Like, why? What was the point? I doubt Lucy would get mad over it.

And Anna’s news. Wow. Again, she pulled a witch with a b move. Like hey, I don’t give a rats butt about your relationship with your daughter, I’m just going to do what I need to do and you need to deal. Like she’s completely cutting him out of April’s life. Wasn’t she all high and mighty about not wanting Lorelai around because if she got attached an Lorelai left she would be crushed? And now April is attached to Luke and she’s going to take her away from him? WTHeck, Lady? This woman is a walking contradiction. But I suppose she hasn’t exactly been the best character this whole time, so . . . I’m not surprised.

Funny Quotes:

EMILY: I come home, and I push “play” on the machine, and what do I hear between a message from Lily Margulies about her fund-raiser for Tanzanian children and one from my tennis pro, but my very own daughter telling me, guess what — she’s married.
LORELAI: Mom, I’m sorry. I just…
EMILY: Well why just talk about it? Why not share it?
LORELAI: No, no! Hey, hey!
[Emily presses play on the answering machine, Lorelai voice “Hey, just wanted you guys to know, Christopher and I are back from Paris. Gigi’s all set. And, uh, we just ended up, uh…getting married. So, anyway, see you Friday. Bye!”]
EMILY: Isn’t that lovely?

RORY: Okay. What is this? “Rights and privileges of Logan Huntzberger or any other paramours”?
PARIS: If Logan is going to be spending an in audient amount of time here, it’s fair to assess a daily tariff for water and power use.
RORY: Ah, Paris!
PARIS: It’s a very simple formula, based on the number of nights he spends per month in the apartment times the approximate minutes per day he spends showering, brushing his teeth, and/or surfing the internet. And Sundays no charge.
LOGAN: It’s okay. I’ll kick in, Paris.
PARIS: Thataboy, Rockefeller.

CHRISTOPHER: Well, good morning, Madame Defarge.
LORELAI: Good morning, Mr. “I remember stuff from English class in high school.”
CHRISTOPHER: Can I ask how long this Mr. “Long sentence of words strung together” thing is gonna last?
LORELAI: I’m not sure, Mr. “Doesn’t understand “the more annoying you tell me a bit is, the more I want to do it.”
CHRISTOPHER: Look at you, knitting away, just like a proper married lady the picture of domesticity.
LORELAI: Ha ha ha.
CHRISTOPHER: So what’s for breakfast, Martha Stewart? Poached eggs, blue berry muffin, oh is there gonna be fresh-squeezed orange juice? “Cause I’d really appreciate it if you could strain the pulp.
LORELAI: Yeah I got your strained pulp right here, buddy.

LORELAI: Christopher and I just walked through town.
LORELAI: Everyone was very cordial.
SOOKIE: Ooh. Cordial?
LORELAI: Yes. They said hello. They shook his hand. They welcomed him to Stars Hollow.
SOOKIE: Jeez, really? Cordial?
LORELAI: Yes. Creepy, right? I saw miss patty and Babette. Neither one of them pinched his butt.
SOOKIE: Well honey, you married an outsider.

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